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For Ilia, being modest is not the same as being confident. That’s why he has always believed in himself. In his work. In his discipline. In the victories obtained so far. Each step taken over the years has brought him closer to the goal he has decided to set for himself: to reach the top. To be number one in the UFC: the most relevant international MMA promoter in the world.

Far from stopping him, the ambition of his goal has driven him to give his all in every training session. In every fight. At every moment of your life. Moving towards a goal that has always been there, hidden in his last name: To be the TOP.



Ilia Topuria was born in Halle, Germany, son of Georgian parents. His first contact with combat sports was at school, where he started by practicing Greco-Roman wrestling with his brother Alex.


The Topuria family then moved to Georgia, where Ilia and his brother continued to practice Greco-Roman wrestling.


Ilia then moved to Alicante (Spain), and he started to practice Mixed Martial Arts at the Climent Club Gym, where he grew as an athlete and a person.


He debuted as an MMA fighter in local promotions. His perseverance and commitment started to become more and more evident.


Ilia became the first Georgian black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with his brother Alex.


Ilia Topuria became the first Spaniard in history to enter the Top 15 of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). In the United States he is considered one of the top prospects in MMA.


Ilia jumped into the UFC featherweight top 10 after his exhibition against Bryce Mitchell. He continues working to become UFC champion and the undisputed reference in MMA in Spain. Everything he has experienced shows that if you believe in yourself you can make it a reality. Something he is determined to prove in the coming years.


Ilia Topuria, after defeating Alexander Volkanovski, makes history in the Spanish sport by becoming the first Spaniard to win the UFC featherweight world champion title while maintaining his 15-0 undefeated record. He also comes in at No. 5 in pound-for-pound.