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Ilia Topuria understands the need to surround himself with a sports and business team capable of sharing his sacrifice, effort, goals and victories. As his career has grown, Ilia has been adding supporters and collaborators that reinforce his project, making it more solid.

World leader in combat sports such as boxing, BJJ, karate and MMA. The specialized, well-known and award-winning brand in the industry.

National reference company in digital strategy oriented to generate results and sales. They offer customized SEO, Paid Media, Inbound Marketing and Email Marketing services to Influencers, big brands and SMEs.

Products and services in sports nutrition, functional food, clothing, electronics, equipment and technological solutions.

Rebels by nature, established society considers us weirdos, black sheep, we consider ourselves the voice of change.

Energy drink founded and promoted by national and international artists and relevant personalities in the world of sports and social networks.

Solutions to care for the planet and improve health. Alkaline water, free of harmful chemicals to help you improve your lifestyle.

Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc. (SPE) a U.S. film distributor and production company that is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation, a multinational technology and media conglomerate headquartered in Japan.

Connectivity, sports, personal growth… We take you to the top. Keio – Where telephony meets sport. Believing creates realities.